Feasibility study and draft slaughterhouse for processing of beef and sheep in Ramos Mexia, Comallo, Norquinco, Sierra Colorada, Maquinchao y Valcheta for processing beef, sheep and pig meat in San Javier. Survey of the technical structural situation of all existing rural abattoirs in the province and implementation of a proposed intervention on them. Corresponding logical framework preparation to the provincial intervention. Preparation of draft corresponding to slaughter plants, services, offices, management, as well as site plants and general service processes of plants to meet the requirements relieved civil works. Design execution of new buildings to be constructed with the corresponding specification and calculation of investment cost and preparing a draft to them. Developed as a specialist consultant of PROSAP (Provincial Agricultural Services Program).

Location:: Río Negro . Argentina
Term of execution: February 2010 to February 2011 (12 months).
Total erected surface for 7 (seven) establishments: 4,620 square meters
Principal:: PROSAP (Provincial Agricultural Services Program)
The Provincial Agricultural Services Program (PROSAP), that runs trough of UCAR, manages the Ministry of Agroindustry's, implements projects of public, social and environmentally sustainable at the provincial and national investment, increasing the coverage and quality of rural infrastructure services agrifood. Also in the field of private investment, PROSAP funds initiatives that promote the competitiveness of small or medium-scale farmers and agribusiness MIPyMEs (micro, small y medium enterprises) and services all over the country. Under the clear imprint federal of program, the strategies designed by the provincial governments are the basis for defining the investment projects. In this framework and with the provinces, PROSAP carried out rural infrastructure projects (rehabilitation of irrigation systems, improving tertiary roads and rural electrification, etc), projects that facilitate the adaptation of the agricultural production to market demands (both in quantity and quality and safety) and projects that encourage increased value added of lines production in the sector.