Preliminary execution, growth study and investment for processing pigs (CYCLE I), deboning and secondary and primary packaging (CYCLE II).
Location:: San Andrés de Giles . Buenos Aires . Argentina
Term of execution: Draft / Growth study: May 2009 to October 2009 (6 months).
Total erected surface:: 3,500 square meters
Principal:: Campo Austral SA - Pork Ind SRL
Own genetic development leader in the market and playback control of own pigs. Located in San Andres de Giles, the fridge Expork dismembering and slaughter 32,000 pigs per month, equivalent to 3,000 tons of fresh meat for domestic consumption and export . In turn, it is a supplier of raw material for the production of cold cuts and sausages of the country's most important abattoirs. The abattoir is planning to double the number of animals for slaughter and dismembering, becoming the abattoir No. 1 in the country. Campo Austral has developed an extensive range of products to meet the needs of customers and consumers, offering rich, healthy and nutritious products. Just over a decade after its establishment, Campo Austral is today one of the most important food processing firms based on pork. The aspects that make the excellence of the products are based on: From our own genetics, this means having a high percentage of lean ( low fat ) and guaranteed quality of pigs. The quality of the raw materials with which the products from own pig farms are developed, modern establishments with animals cared for and fed under strict health and safety standards. The pig are processed in our plant " EXPORK " where the main cuts that result to our plant in Pilar for the production and processing of the selected line of cold cuts and sausages and consumption of fresh vacuum-packed cuts are selected.