IC participates in the development of venture projects for the livestock industry.

It started operations in 2004, specializing in perishable food manufacturing plants, particularly meat product and byproduct processing, offering services in the following aspects of business:

The architect owner, in charge of the management of the studio, and associated professionals from different fields including economy, agronomy, and mechanical and industrial engineering, have made up a valuable team that covers the different areas of a project.
The working system consists in a comprehensive response to the Customer, meeting their expectations and being part of their company, with the upside of being actually a temporary external entity at a quoted price.


Over the years, the Argentine meat has been ranked as the "best beef in the world". Vast territory, abundant pastures, and optimum weather for the breeding of the finest cattle breeds combine to achieve this international trademark.
With its main attributes to the consumer's senses, such as its tenderness, juiciness, delicious aroma, and attractive and indisputable taste, it stands out from other meats of the world.
All this is the result of the implementation of quality controls through all phases of the chain, the certification of disease-free and fitness for human consumption by veterinarians, slaughtering and meat processing in accordance with sanitary and animal welfare standards at slaughterhouses, and maintenance of the cold chain during distribution.
Our involvement in the industry relates to sanitary safety and animal welfare by the monitoring of regulations under S.E.N.A.S.A. (National Service for Agrifood Health and Quality), a global leading governmental body, and the creation of a functional design consistent with those needs. In every project, we redefine the spatiality, and adjust the process to zone requirement, type of species to slaughter, number, and availability of skilled labor.
Our projects adhere to the internationally recognized five freedoms of animal welfare.